Kevin P. Meehan, Sr. – Managing Partner/CEO

Kevin Meehan is the managing partner for Atlas, a top mortgage and sales brokerage company specializing in commercial real estate nationwide.

Kevin’s real estate career began in New York City at one of the largest commercial real estate brokerage firms.  At this company, he specialized in investment property sales and commercial mortgage brokerage.  In the mid-80s, he became the regional Executive Vice President for a Texas Credit Union and Pension Advisor.  By the early 90s, Kevin was recruited by one of New York State’s largest banks.  He went on to become the NYC mortgage origination manager.  In 1995, Kevin co-founded what is now Atlas Commercial Capital.

Over the past 35 years, Kevin has acted in a fiduciary capacity as a bank and pension fund mortgage manager.  He has experience as a real estate portfolio manager for a large private investor and personally has  owned commercial real estate investments.  Today, he is one of the top investment property mortgage brokers nationwide.

Real Estate Sales and Commercial Mortgages

Kevin’s background includes all aspects of closing transactions from loan origination, underwriting and credit review, to asset sale and purchase valuation analysis.  Personally, he has closed on hundreds of transactions and under his management, he has been instrumental in thousands of closings.  Holding several real estate broker licenses, Kevin continues to  represent clients as an exclusive agent for the purchase and sale of investment properties.

On a personal level . . .

Kevin grew up humble in a working-class environment.  He attended New York City public schools and went on to study real estate at NYU’s School of Professional Studies.  His upbringing taught him that it was imperative to treat others as you would want in return.  That lesson is still his personal and business guide for success today.

Whether you are new to real estate investing or a seasoned investor, you will benefit from his professionalism, guidance, trust, transparency and expertise.  You will profit from the influential associations and partnerships Kevin and his Atlas team have within the real estate industry.

Kevin can be reached today at 212-332-3457 ext. 101 or by email.

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