What makes Atlas different from its competitors?

Rather than being volume driven, we focus on building long repeat business relationships. This entails dedicating more time to each client and their deal, thereby ensuring that all goals are met. Since we are both finance and investment property transaction brokers, we know what it takes to get your deal closed with the best results.

What geographic locations does Atlas serve?

For property sales, Atlas is licensed in California, New York and North Carolina. In these states, we provided exclusive broker representation to sellers. We can also represent you as an exclusive buyer’s broker in these locations. Sales transactions representation starts at only $2M. For finance transactions, we close in most major markets nationwide.  For Atlas Limited Partnerships, please inquire.

How quickly will you respond and what can I expect?

While some deals are reviewed in a New York minute, we strive to review each submission within 24 to 48 hours and to close most transactions within 45 days.  You can expect that we will be your main point person and that everything will flow through us to ensure conformity with all parties. For finance transactions, we negotiate terms with our lenders to ensure you are receiving the best pricing.

Lastly, whether you are seeking financing, looking to buy or sell a property, or invest in a property as an LP, we will coordinate all document delivery and assist you, your counsel, your insurance agent, and the title company to a smooth closing.

What fees and costs are involved?

Atlas offers competitive pricing across all transaction types and sizes.  You will be pleased with the results.

For sales transactions, we will work with you to establish a competitive brokerage fee. We network with buyer’s brokers and typically will split our fee with them.