Loan Types

Whether you are seeking a mortgage for an acquisition or a refinance or a loan to build that pinnacle deal, Atlas has you covered.

Loan Types

For properties that are stabilized with occupancies generally above 85%, we will provide the most competitive rates available in the market with up to 80% LTV.  We can offer fixed, floating and even hybrid loan structures with terms up to 30 years.

Used for situations where the occupancy is less than 85%, a major lease is expiring, or when a repositioning of the entire asset is needed.  These loans can be structured interest only and have initial terms of 2 to 5 years.  Some bridge lenders also offer a conversion feature that upon stabilizing the asset, will roll into a new long-term first mortgage.

Can be for ground-up or when a substantial renovation is planned or needed.  We also offer Lines of Credit for housing developers which can be great for spec builders of one or multiple units.

Can be structured with or without permanent first mortgage debt.  Typically, these structures provide much higher overall leverage and can be short or long term.

Great for auction, quick close opportunities, and other circumstances that require fast underwriting and closing.  Typical loan terms up to 24 months.

For single tenant properties, these loans are priced based upon the tenant’s credit and can be structured with either a fixed term or a term set to the lease.

More options are now available for these housing opportunities like a revolving line of credit and a blanket long-term mortgage.

Whatever you need, Atlas will deliver and provide the best available terms.

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